Regan Smith, driver of the Sundance Motorsports Silverado, was involved in a single truck incident with just 15 minutes to go in day one of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series testing tonight. As a result of the extent of the damage to the No. 19, the team is loading the transporter to return to team headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. Smith was uninjured in the incident.


On accident during Daytona Testing: – “I was running side by side with another truck off the tri-oval through turns one and two and were doing ok. It was a little loose but not as bad as I thought it might be but then we came out of two and it really pulled the air off me and it around I went. I feel terrible for the guys on my crew, it was just a rough day for our teams.”

On damage to the No. 19 Silverado: On damage to the No. 19 Silverado: “The damage to the front of the truck is substantial. We won’t know how bad until we take it back to the shop. The guys are just cleaning it up enough to get it in the trailer and will tear it down tomorrow.

On not having a backup truck to continue testing at Daytona: “We brought just one truck for me and one for Jack (Sprague) because we just brought one hauler down for this test.”

On how testing was going up to the point of the accident: “Our Silverado was getting better, we kept working on it and Jack jumped in to really help us get the feel for it. I haven’t had many laps in a truck and none at a big track where you have to draft so it was great that he did that to help me know where I was and if I was feeling the right things. I feel real bad that I wrecked it and now our guys have so much work to do before we come down here to race in just a few weeks.”