Country Music Artist,/Agriculture Advocate 
To Be Guest of Furniture Row Racing at Michigan 
Farm American and Furniture Row Racing are proud to announce that country music recording artist and songwriter Steve Azar will be a guest of the NASCAR Sprint Cup team at this weekend's race at Michigan International Speedway.  Azar, who has recorded a number of hits, including the "American Farmer" tribute, will sing the national anthem prior to Sunday's Pure Michigan 400. Azar is a supporter of Furniture Row Racing's Farm American program, an initiative to keep America's food supply produced in the United States. For more information about Farm American go, which also showcases human-interest stories about American farm and ranch families.  

Regan Smith More Confident
Than Ever Heading Into a Race 

DENVER, Colo. (Aug. 15, 2012) -- The anticipation about Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway has been crescendoing for Regan Smith ever since he and his Furniture Row Racing team departed from the Goodyear tire test session at the 2-mile oval on July 30. 

According to Smith the Michigan test went so well that the team packed up early and headed back to its home base in Denver with a new level of enthusiasm.  

"I have more confidence going into Michigan than I ever had going into a race in my career," said Smith with 100 percent conviction. "The only reason we left the test early in Michigan is because we felt that strongly about how good our Furniture Row/Farm American Chevrolet was."

The surging Smith also has other reasons for his newly-found optimism as he prepares for the Pure Michigan 400. The two races following the Michigan test, the 28-year-old driver posted consecutive ninth-place finishes -- at Pocono and Watkins Glen. The results were his first top-10s of the season and the Watkins Glen finish was a career best on a road course. 

"No doubt this Furniture Row Racing team has taken a huge leap to where we were the majority of the season," stated Smith during an interview on Siriusxm Satellite Radio. "We made some big changes and with those changes come a lot of different ideas with the race car. We fundamentally changed everything and the performance has picked up. I'm doing the same thing in the race car that I've done all year -- the cars are just going faster. We're unloading with speed, and once you unload with speed, you can work on the fine-tuning details to get the car ready for the race."

Smith, rightfully so, has been tipping his hat to crew chief Todd Berrier, who joined the team three races ago. And in those three races, the team has averaged a 12th-place finish, almost slashing in half its season average of 22.545. 

"Todd Berrier is one of the most meticulous persons that I've been around in my career," explained Smith. "We believe in each other, and when you have that kind of chemistry, good things develop."

Though Furniture Row Racing has enjoyed recent success, Berrier wants more out of the team and knows the potential is there.

"We're moving along at a nice pace, but obviously we want to pick it up and keep on improving," said Berrier. "I believe we can do that and reach that new level of competition."

Smith enters the Pure Michigan 400 with seven career starts at MIS and a best finish of 13th, which he achieved in last year's August race. 

"As we know so many things can happen in a race, but I would be awfully disappointed if we didn't better that 13th-place finish," said Smith. 

Smith's Michigan International Speedway
Sprint Cup Results :

    ST FN  
  2008 31 32  
    8 29  
  2010 23 23  
    20 21  
  2011 5 33  
    30 13  
  2012 12 28  


Smith’s 2012 Results

Date Event St Fn Laps Status Prize
02/27 Daytona 500 6 24 200/202 Running 357,034 21 23
03/04 Phoenix 3 20 311/312 Running 93,483 24/45 19
03/11 Las Vegas 28 15 267/267 Running 129,413 29/74 20
03/18 Bristol 6 24 496/500 Running 111,343 20/94 20
03/25 Fontana 22 20 128/129 Running 114,163 24/118 19
04/01 Martinsville 17 16 513/515 Running 106,343 28/146 18
04/14 Texas 26 23 332/334 Running 130,238 21/167 21
04/22 Kansas 29 24 263/267 Running 103,443 20/187 22
04/28 Richmond 15 27 398/400 Running 95,968 17/204 25
05/06 Talladega 31 40 15/194 Engine 87,275 4/208 27
05/12 Darlington 9 14 368/368 Running 117,488 30/238 26
05/27 Charlotte 10 17 398/400 Running 128,488 27/265 23
06/03 Dover 26 27 306/400 Running 103,702 17/282 25
06/10 Pocono 7 16 160/160 Running 101,393 28/310 24
06/17 Michigan 12 28 197/200 Running 87,160 16/326 25
06/24 Sonoma 31 32 109/112 Running 84,960 12/338 25
06/30 Kentucky 26 33 209/267 Accident 81,010 11/349 26
07/07 Daytona 25 34 133/160 Accident 96,555 10/359 26
07/15 N Hampshire 17 26 298/301 Running 100,818 18/377 26
07/29 Indianapolis 17 18 160/160 Running 180,483 26,403 24
08/05 Pocono 11 9 98/98 Running 110,043 35/438 24
08/12 Watkins Glen 13 9 90/90 Running 107,568 35/473 23

Avg. Start: 17.455
Avg. Finish: 22.545
Money: $2,628,371


No. 78 Over-the-Wall Crew

Front-tire changer: Shane Pipala, Frankfort Square, IL
Front-tire carrier: Jon Bernal, Holland, Mich.
Rear-tire changer: Coleman Dollarhide, Hickory, N.C.
Rear-tire carrier: Dwayne Moore, Griffin, Ga.
Jackman: Gabe Martin, Lake Wylie, S.C.
Gasman: Justin White, Lynnville, Tenn.
2nd Gasman: Ryan Bergenty, Plainville, Conn. 
7th Man/Windshield: Todd Carmichael, Redding, Calif. 


No. 78 Road Crew

  Crew Chief: Todd Berrier, Kernersville, N.C.   
  Competition Director: Mark McArdle, La Crosse, Wis.   
  Car Chief: Robert Huffman, Hickory, N.C.   

Cole Pearn, London, Ontario

    Matt Faulkner, Memphis, Tenn.   
  Spotters: Rick Carelli, Arvada, Colo.    
    Clayton Hughes, Thomasville, N.C.  
  Engine Specialist: Scott Meesters, Hanford, Calif.   
  Engine Builder: Earnhardt-Childress Racing  
  Shock Specialist: Nick Kerlin, Old Fort, Ohio  
  Tire Specialist: Chad Krauch, Loveland, Colo.  
  Technical Support: Michael McCullough, Imperial, Calif.   
  Mechanics: Ryan Bergenty, Plainville, Conn.   
    Todd Carmichael, Redding, Calif.   
    Joe Kerrigan, Canon City, Colo.   
  Transportation: Henry Benfield (also gas runner), Statesville, N.C.    
    Jim Gilbert, Belleville, IL  
    Dave Hicks, Montcalm, WVa.   
    Chuck Lemay, DeKalb, IL  
    John Slingerland, Sacramento, Calif.   
    Dennis Valverde, Albuquerque, N.M.